Staying in a temple is a wonderful way to really experience Japanese culture. A shukubo stay can be arranged in a variety of places but most commonly in one of the many temples atop sacred Mt Koya.

Staying in a temple overnight is much like staying in a ryokan; you’ll sleep on futon in a tatami matted room and will enjoy a delicious multi-course dinner, although at a temple, this will be shojin ryori; Buddhist vegan fare.


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Daien-in Temple

Centrally located, Daien-in temple is one of the oldest religious places in Koyasan. Originally named Tamon-in during the 10th century, the temple became famous for the statue of Amida Nyoria. Guests can attend the daily morning chanting Buddhist ceremony before eating a delicious vegetarian breakfast.

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Fudo-in Temple

One of Mt Koya’s smaller temples, Fudo-in is located between the Mt Koya Visitor Centre and Okuno-in Cemetery. The temple is well known for its refined, welcoming atmosphere and peaceful setting, which is perfect for meditating. Join the morning prayer service and enjoy delicious vegetarian meals.

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Henjoson-in is a temple located beside Reihokan Hall and just in front of the lotus pond of the Garan. The temple’s 25 guest rooms provide customers with a TV, coffee and yukata. Hot spring baths are also on offer, including a herb bath. The dinner, served by local monks, is called ‘Shojin Ryori’ (vegan cuisine)….

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Hongaku-in temple is surrounded by five unique gardens and is located at the centre of beautiful woodlands. Delicious ‘Shojin Ryori’ (vegan) meals are served when staying here and the temple is a good base from which to explore Mt Koya.

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Sekisho-in Temple

The mountaintop settlement of Koyasan is one of the best places in Japan to stay overnight in a temple and experience Buddhist morning ceremonies. More than 100 temples surround the center of esoteric Shingon Buddhism, and some 50 temples open their doors to guests. A traditional vegetarian dinner is usually served in the temple at…

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With its roots in the 12th Century, Souji-in is a well established Koyasan temple and has been accepting guests since 1994. All rooms have a private Western style toilet and some have a private bathroom and unlike many Mt Koya temples, guestrooms also have air conditioners. Shojin ryori vegan meals will be served in your…

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