Popular Japanese dishes


is prepared at your table by cooking thinly sliced beef with vegetables, tofu and noodles.


is fish, seafood and vegetables coated in a very light and crisp batter, deep-fried in vegetable oil.


is exquisitely prepared fish or seafood placed raw on a ball of specially seasoned, sticky rice. A few non-seafood options are usually available.


is super fresh, delicately sliced fish eaten raw with soy sauce and fiery wasabi.

Kaiseki Ryori

is regarded as the most exquisite culinary refinement in Japan. The dishes are mainly composed of vegetables, fish, seaweed and mushroom flavours and the presentation is truly a work of art.


is small pieces of seasoned chicken or other meat and vegetables, cooked on skewers over a charcoal grill.


is a crispy crumbed pork cutlet, fried and usually served with a distinctive, fragrant sauce and salad.


is a communal dining experience using your chopsticks. Fine slices of beef and vegetable are swirled in a pot of bubbling water, then dipped in a special sauce.

Soba and Udon

are two kinds of Japanese noodle. Soba is made from buckwheat flour and Udon from wheat flour. They are served either in a soup or a sauce and are available either hot or cold in many delicious variations.

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