Mt. Aso

Mount Aso, towering above the surrounding villages and paddy fields, is an active volcano and the rising fumes remind visitors of the real danger.

The views are incredible and have a host of myths and legends attached. And with so much geothermal activity, there are many great, traditional onsen resorts in the area.

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Beppu is a picturesque coastal town with a mountainous backdrop. Columns of steam rise up throughout the area - one of the world’s most active geothermic regions.

The area’s jigoku or ‘hells’, are a collection of hot, multi-coloured lakes, geysers and bubbling mud pools surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens. Our exclusive Beppu ryokan promises a relaxing and therapeutic stay.

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Miyajima is a short ride from Hiroshima across the inland sea. A torii gate built in the tidal sands faces the majestic temple at the foot of the island’s peak. As the tide comes in it sweeps under and around the temple, with the torii appearing to float on the sea. The local deer will be grateful for some food while you look around the tourist shops and local village.

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Rebuilt post-war, Hiroshima is a thoroughly modern city with glass buildings and wide boulevards. The Atomic Dome and Peace Park are poignant reminders of the city’s tragic history, as are the swarm of origami cranes left by school children as symbols of peace.

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Okayama’s main attraction is Korakuen Garden, one of Japan’s most famous traditional gardens.
Wandering through these gardens is always an adventure, with many places to discover and views to ponder from the red wooden bridges.

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