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Best Western Hotel Takayama

Located in the heart of old Takayama, the Best Western Hotel Takayama is within walking distance of the train station, as well as being within easy reach of the most popular tourist sights: the jinya (an old government outpost in a beautiful building), sake breweries, morning markets and museums. Japanese and Western restaurants are conveniently…

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Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan

Situated on the elegant Miya River, this characterful ryokan quietly sits by one of the town’s famous attractions, the red Nakabashi bridge. All rooms are furnished in traditional Japanese style, and you can enjoy their relaxing onsen baths as well as their seasonal cuisine. The ryokan reflects the rustic charm and peaceful ambience of the…

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Ryokan Tanabe

This traditional Japanese ryokan is located near Takayama rail station. Its interior was designed and equipped by local craftsmen. In the lounge, you can find a traditional hearth built into the floor. The ryokan’s two public baths (Rock Bath and Cypress bath) are filled with natural mineral water and they are definitely worth a try….

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Sanmachi Suji

San-machi Suji is the heart of Takayama’s old town, and the traditional houses lining the streets – many of which are open as museums – are well worth visiting. We particularly recommend the Takayama Yatai Kaikan (festival float museum) which houses the superb yatai between festivals. The old merchant houses of Yoshijima-ke and Kusakabe Mingeikan…

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Spa Hotel Alpina

Opened on September 9th, 2008, the SPA HOTEL ALPINA is a hotel that offers both the convenience of inns and motels and the luxury comfort of resort hotels. With a prime central location, a 3-minute walk from JR Takayama station and within 10 minutes to main tourist attractions, the hotel also features large natural hot…

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Takayama Morning Markets

Takayama’s morning markets start at 6am in the summer months and an hour later in winter. There are two; the Jinya-mae Market in front of the Takayama Jinya and the Miya-gawa Market on the east bank of Miya River, between Kaji-bashi bridge and Yayoi-bashi bridge. The latter is more attractive and larger, but both have…

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Takayama Yatai Kaikan

The huge, majestic and ornate floats used in the Takayama Festival are stored away for the rest of the year and at any one time, four of the 11 floats can be seen at the Takayama Yatai Kaikan. The actual floats on display change throughout the year so that visitors can see the entire collection….

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Takayama’s Sake Breweries

Takayama’s clear mountain water and high quality rice are the perfect combination for brewing sake, (nihon-shu in Japanese). The breweries on San-machi Suji can be easily identified by their traditional sugidama (balls of cedar leaves). Although special tasting events are only available over the winter months, all breweries will willingly loan you an o-choko (the…

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Trip Report: Discovering Japan with the Newman family

As an adventurous family of four, the Newmans didn’t settle for paths most trodden by international tourists. Their July 2016 tour instead took them to a wide variety of locales across Honshu, discovering the best in Japanese arts, nature and culture. From cycling through the Satoyama countryside to exploring the famous art island, Naoshima, the…

Wanosato Ryokan

This luxurious ryokan has only eight Japanese-style rooms, which makes for a pleasant, intimate atmosphere that some larger properties lack. The thatched roofs of the former farmhouses and large gardens help to create a peaceful ambiance for guests, echoing the architectural style of the nearby Shirakawa-go folk village. All of the rooms have private toilets…

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