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Animal Cafés

A curious Japanese invention, Animal cafes have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly cat cafes, which have now sprung up in various locations around the country. At these establishments, customers can eat and drink while playing with and petting the animals there. There is an increasingly wide range of animal themed cafes, especially in…

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Maid Cafés

An offshoot of the Japanese love of cosplay and anime culture, in these establishments waitresses dress as French maids and treat customers as their masters and mistresses. While they can be compared in spirit to the concept of a hostess bar, these cafés are completely innocent in nature; these are temples to the cult of…

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Purikura Photo Booths

‘Print club’ photo booths, most commonly known as ‘Purikura’ are a very popular method for taking commemorative and souvenir snaps. Similar in principle to a passport photo booth, these are bigger and offer a wide range of customisation options. They are very popular amongst the younger generations with many different types of purikura machines available….

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Themed restaurants

Tokyo offers a wide selection of themed restaurants, some rather gimmicky but some being great options for a fun night out. The most famous of these is probably the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. A show quite unlike anything you’ll have seen before, this is a fast and furious neon lit extravaganza of son et lumière,…

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