Nebuta Matsuri Float
7 May

Wasshoi!: Exploring Japan’s Summer Festivals

The sultry heat of the Japanese summer is heralded by a chorus of cicadas and the lively cacophony of Japan’s myriad of summer matsuri (festivals). These lively gatherings are a blend of ancient traditions, dazzling performances, and a celebration of community spirit. Let us take you on a journey through some of Japan’s best summer…

10 Apr

Hidden Gems of Kyoto: A Journey off the Tourist Trail

Kyoto is a must visit destination for any Japan traveller. Whilst the shimmering golden tiers of the  Kinkaku-ji pavilion and vermillion torii of Fushimi Inari shrine draw thousands of visitors each day, Kyoto’s true appeal lies in its hidden gems dotted in and around the city. Beyond the well-trodden paths lie secret gardens, quiet alleys,…

14 Nov

Life on the road

Keen to see parts of Japan he hadn’t seen before, Robin hired a car and set off on a road trip to northern Honshu. Driving in Japan couldn’t be simpler, especially for British tourists as Japan also drives on the left side of the road! Summer isn’t everyone’s first choice of season to visit Japan….

25 Oct

A magical evening at Nebuta Matsuri

Into Japan’s Robin set out on a road-trip in search of the famed paper-lanterns of Nebuta Matsuri. Vibrant, bustling and impressive, this festival is sure worth a visit! Its origins are unclear, but it is thought to be a cleansing ritual and prayer for good health. Let the festivities commence Living in Japan, festivals were…

Experience Go-Karting thrills in Tokyo
5 Oct

Go-Karting through the streets of Tokyo

Experience Go-Karting thrills through the streets of Tokyo! There aren’t many places in the world where it’s possible to enjoy go-karting along the major roads of a capital city but this is another of the many unusual experiences that Tokyo offers. Robin from the UK office and Ayami & Yu from the Tokyo office went…

22 Sep

Lantern-making in Kyoto

Lantern-making On her latest trip to Japan, Into Japan’s Karan decided to get creative in Kyoto with some traditional lantern-making. With such a rich culture and history of tradition and creativity, Kyoto is the perfect place to turn your hand to something artistic. Lanterns abound not only in Kyoto but in Japan as a whole,…

22 Sep

Afternoon in the life of a Ninja

We spent the afternoon with descendants of a genuine Ninja clan in Tokyo. Not knowing what to expect from the experience, we were in for a real treat, and an unforgettable afternoon! History Arriving at the well-hidden location for our afternoon with the Musashi Ninja clan, experience leader and ninja Vanessa greeted us. Wearing head-to-toe…

20 Sep

All that glitters is gold: Kanazawa gold leaf experience

Gold Leaf On her recent trip to Japan, Karan from the UK office went in search of art, creativity and luxury in Kanazawa. Here, she participated in a gold leaf experience, learning more about Kanazawa’s most famous export, and decorating her own product in the process! Kanazawa’s Rich History Kanazawa (金沢) literally means “gold marsh”…

Japanese Wagasa
13 Sep

Trip Report: Wagasa Experience – Making a Japanese Parasol

There is often no better way of understanding a country or culture than to fully immerse yourself in it in a practical way. Our trusted atelier in Kyoto allows guests to do just that, providing a range of craft activities and workshop experiences. During her last trip to Japan, Sarah participated in one of their…