Into Japan Specialist Tours

A message from David Lee, MD of Into Japan Specialist Tours:

My love affair with Japan began in 1992 when I first went to Kyoto to study Japanese. I’ve enjoyed extended periods in Africa, India and across Asia, but I’ve never found anywhere with such an amazing blend of sights, culture and experiences as these small islands.

Our first tours between the UK and Japan took place in 1994. Since then the company has grown considerably and I believe we are unique – with offices in both countries and specialising in flight-inclusive tours between the UK and Japan.
Both offices have bilingual staff who truly understand each culture. The key to our success is discovering what our customers want and showing them the very best of Japan.

Our itineraries are based on years of knowledge. They are designed to provide a tour rich in varied experiences, especially those unique to Japan, as well as plenty of relaxing time to enjoy the finer points of the culture.

My Japanese wife also works in the company and our personal networks allow us to show you many aspects of Japan beyond the reach of the average visitor. We organise various speciality tours, including education- or special interest-based, as well as our highly popular Scheduled tours.

I know that for many clients a tour of Japan is a dream holiday and we are truly privileged to have the chance to make such a dream come true. I also understand that this precious opportunity for our customers is an important responsibility for our company. I am confident that Into Japan offers the best experience possible.

Support from start to finish

Our offices in the UK and Japan provide complete support both before and during your tour. Our UK office staff have each lived in Japan for at least three years and can advise you on all aspects of the country. Our Japan office assists in the research, planning and running of the tours.