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Gyotaku Fish Printing

Learn the art of gyotaku fish printing with an expert! Before the advent of photography, in the mid 19th century, when fishermen sought to have proof of their catches, lest others just smile at their tall tales, they would coat one side of the fish they’d caught with ink and then cover it with rice-straw…

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Sushi Making Classes

Enjoy a private sushi making class at a top restaurant. The class is with the very best chefs who have experience teaching both amateurs and professional cooks, ensuring a rewarding, personalised class. Interpreters can be arranged as necessary. The class will be tailored according to your requests. You could enjoy a demonstration, where the owner-chef…

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Tsukiji Fish Market

With its roots in the Edo Era, Tokyo’s Tsukiji is one of the world’s biggest wholesale markets, handling nearly ninety percent of the city’s impressive seafood needs. Tsukiji is famous for its pre-daybreak tuna auctions, where the giant fish trade for huge sums in the blink of an eye, but the daily life of the…

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