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Beniya Mukayu

Beniya Mukayu is a luxury ryokan spa retreat nestled in the countryside of Yamashiro Onsen. Its architecture elegantly emphasizes contrasts between light, shade and neutral colours and every room has its own private open-air hot spring bath, with a wonderful view of the authentic Japanese garden. The traditional tea ceremony performed by the owner, yoga…

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Ishikawa is a prefecture in the Hokuriku area of central Japan, located on the Japan Sea coast. The prefecture’s capital and most famous city is Kanazawa, known for its stunning Kenrokuen Gardens. The northern part of the prefecture is the Noto Peninsula, a very scenic area of rugged coastlines and a lovely place to explore…

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Kaga Onsen

Kaga Onsen is a the name given to an area comprising four small hot spring towns about an hour south of Kanazawa. These hot springs have been popular onsen destinations since their discovery over 1300 years ago and are and remain popular onsen towns to this day. One notable aspect of Kaga Onsen’s hot spring…

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