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As well as being one of the most famous ryokan in Japan, Gajoen is located in Myoken Onsen, a hot-springs resort renowned for its beauty worldwide. Gajoen’s charm lies in its simplicity: guests to this exclusive ryokan can expect farm-fresh cooking entirely prepared using locally-sourced ingredients, all picked and prepared on the very day of…

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Kagoshima, Kyushu’s southernmost, largest city, is sometimes called the “Naples of Japan”, due to its proximity to the smoking volcanic cone of Sakurajima. Historically, the city is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the prefecture, and dates back to the 14th century. Originally a castle town, it has, throughout the ages, established itself as…

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Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima

Just outside central Kagoshima, Rembrandt Hotel may be a short bus or taxi ride to the main sightseeing areas, but it provides clean spacious rooms and stunning views over the harbour. Many of the rooms also feature views of Sakurajima, an acitve volcano from which clouds of steam and ash can often be seen. Rembrant…

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Tenku no Mori

Literally translated as “the forest in the sky,” Tenku No Mori is a luxury hotel and spa which offers stunning panoramic views of the mountains, lush forests and active volcanoes of northern Kagoshima. Dedicated to relaxation, well-being and ecological sustainability, you can expect to be hosted in a clean, spacious and tranquil environment where your…

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Yakushima is a small subtropical island located off the southern coast of Kyushu and part of Kagoshima Prefecture. It is extensively covered by a cedar forest containing some of Japan’s oldest living trees, many of which are more than 1000 years old and are known as yakusugi. The most ancient of these trees are said…

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