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Kimono Dressing Experience

Have your photograph taken with traditional Japanese costume, Kimono. You will have a professional photo shoot to capture the best image of you dressed in traditional Japanese clothing. There is a range of costumes to choose from for men and women, from opulent imperial style juni-hitoe of the Heian period to more contemporary kimono and…

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Nishijin Textile Centre

Long considered to be symbolic of Kyoto, the beautiful fabrics of the Nishijin district have a history dating back over a thousand years. The Nishijin Textile Center, centrally located in Imadegawa, is a modern building where demonstrations and exhibits are held on the theme of the traditional Nishijin textile industry. In addition to regular kimono…

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Wedding Kimono Photo Session

If you’re travelling to Japan on Honeymoon – or even if not! – why not create a wonderful souvenir of your trip with a wedding kimono photo session in Kyoto? You’ll both be dressed in traditional wedding attire; for her, a beautiful shiromuku white wedding kimono or perhaps a brightly coloured iro-uchikake kimono. For him,…

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