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JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

The hotel is ideally situated, adjacent to the JR train station in the centre of the city and only a short walk away from Odori park. The hotel aims to provide a relaxing experience for all guests. The rooms are comfortable and decorated in earthy tones. There is a spa on the 22nd floor and…

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Keio Plaza Hotel

The Sapporo Keio Plaza Hotel is a comfortable, stylish hotel in a perfect location for exploring Sapporo and Hokkaido at large. With a pool, a gym, eight different bars and restaurants throughout the Keio Plaza Hotel’s many floors, this is also an ideal place to spend a lazy day in good company.

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Sapporo Snow Festival

Most famous of Japan’s snow festivals, or yuki matsuri, the Sapporo Snow Festival transforms Hokkaido’s capital into a wonderland of ice and snow sculpture. The festival draws millions of visitors to Sapporo for seven days each February, and international teams compete to create the gigantic and elaborate sculptures, whose themes range from famous landmarks to…

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