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Aneyakoji Bettei

Aneyakoji Bettei, or Aneyakoji Villa, is a small, private hotel in a quiet neighbourhood of Kyoto. Equipped with traditional wooden-lattice windows and fixtures crafted by local artisans, Aneyakoji Bettei aims to provide its guests with the experience of living in Kyoto as a local. Aneyakoji has a bar which serves 20 different kinds of sake…

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Sake Tastings

Do you enjoy the occasional cup of sake? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about this traditional drink. Even if you have never tried this Japanese rice wine, a sake-tasting experience is a great chance to try this type of alcohol. In Kyoto, enjoy a tour of a former sake…

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Takayama’s Sake Breweries

Takayama’s clear mountain water and high quality rice are the perfect combination for brewing sake, (nihon-shu in Japanese). The breweries on San-machi Suji can be easily identified by their traditional sugidama (balls of cedar leaves). Although special tasting events are only available over the winter months, all breweries will willingly loan you an o-choko (the…

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