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Daien-in Temple

Centrally located, Daien-in temple is one of the oldest religious places in Koyasan. Originally named Tamon-in during the 10th century, the temple became famous for the statue of Amida Nyoria. Guests can attend the daily morning chanting Buddhist ceremony before eating a delicious vegetarian breakfast.

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Fudo-in Temple

One of Mt Koya’s smaller temples, Fudo-in is located between the Mt Koya Visitor Centre and Okuno-in Cemetery. The temple is well known for its refined, welcoming atmosphere and peaceful setting, which is perfect for meditating. Join the morning prayer service and enjoy delicious vegetarian meals.

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Henjoson-in is a temple located beside Reihokan Hall and just in front of the lotus pond of the Garan. The temple’s 25 guest rooms provide customers with a TV, coffee and yukata. Hot spring baths are also on offer, including a herb bath. The dinner, served by local monks, is called ‘Shojin Ryori’ (vegan cuisine)….

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Hongaku-in temple is surrounded by five unique gardens and is located at the centre of beautiful woodlands. Delicious ‘Shojin Ryori’ (vegan) meals are served when staying here and the temple is a good base from which to explore Mt Koya.

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Mount Koya

Not far from the hustle and bustle of Japan’s third largest city, the holy mountain known as Koya-san is one of the most peaceful spiritual centres in the country. Mount Koya is the heart of Shingon Buddhism and the resting place of the sect’s founder, perhaps Japan’s best known Buddhist, known as both Kukai and…

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Sekisho-in Temple

The mountaintop settlement of Koyasan is one of the best places in Japan to stay overnight in a temple and experience Buddhist morning ceremonies. More than 100 temples surround the center of esoteric Shingon Buddhism, and some 50 temples open their doors to guests. A traditional vegetarian dinner is usually served in the temple at…

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With its roots in the 12th Century, Souji-in is a well established Koyasan temple and has been accepting guests since 1994. All rooms have a private Western style toilet and some have a private bathroom and unlike many Mt Koya temples, guestrooms also have air conditioners. Shojin ryori vegan meals will be served in your…

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