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Baseball in Japan is a phenomenon, which may come as a surprise to some of us in the West who associate baseball with the USA. The first professional baseball team was founded in Japan in 1934 and baseball has only grown in popularity since that time. There are now two major leagues in Japan, the…

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Recently basketball has had a resurgence in popularity in Japan. The B.League is making lots of effort to continue raising basketball’s profile by developing Japanese talent and improving Japanese courts. This has led to exciting technological developments in some arenas like LED embedded courts and half-time shows with projection mapping. Another contributor to this recent…

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More commonly known as soccer in Japan, football is becoming increasingly popular. In 1993, the Japan Professional Football League was formed, and this league’s high standards attracted huge numbers of spectators and led to a huge increase in the sport’s popularity. The J League is currently the most successful association football league in Asia. Women’s…

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Japanese Sword Lessons

Samurai are a well-known part of Japanese history. Although they may be long gone, many of their martial arts and skills are still being taught. You can see for yourself the skill it takes to wield a sword with precision. In Tokyo, join a dojo (practice hall) for your swordsmanship experience. Your instructor will first…

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Sumo Wrestling

The most Japanese of the national sports, the ancient art of sumo wrestling is part ritual, part ceremony, and all pure excitement. The short bouts make sumo a surprisingly accessible sport, and the rules of the game are essentially simple: the famously large wrestlers, or rikishi, position themselves on either side of the raised clay…

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