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Although Japan does not yet have many boutique style western hotels, in most cases, ryokan fill this sort of niche. Gradually though, more and more boutique style properties are opening although these are mainly limited to major cities.


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Aneyakoji Bettei

Aneyakoji Bettei, or Aneyakoji Villa, is a small, private hotel in a quiet neighbourhood of Kyoto. Equipped with traditional wooden-lattice windows and fixtures crafted by local artisans, Aneyakoji Bettei aims to provide its guests with the experience of living in Kyoto as a local. Aneyakoji has a bar which serves 20 different kinds of sake…

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Garden Terrace Hotel Miyazaki

Garden Terrace Hotel Miyazaki is a luxury boutique hotel, with peaceful bamboo surroundings, designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Kengo Kuma to blend with its environment. It is conveniently close to Miyazaki Station. The hotel has 10 Western-style twin rooms and 2 Japanese-style rooms, as well as 2 restaurants and a bar.

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Hotel Claska

Tokyo’s only true boutique hotel, Claska was originally built in the 1970s and then refurbished in 2003 as a design hotel. The hotel has only 12 rooms (9 Western and 3 Japanese style), each filled with handcrafted furniture and low-key Japanese touches. No two rooms are the same: one has an attached terrace, another a…

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Hotel Kanra

One of Kyoto’s newest hotels, the Kanra creates an exquisite blend of traditional Japanese design and contemporary boutique sensibility. Kanra is well located to the subway station, making an attractive and convenient place to stay in Kyoto. It’s quirky too: there is a cafe located in the lobby (which serves delicious, local coffee) and there are many…

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Jusandi Villa

“JUSANDI” means “sunset” in the local Okinawa dialect, and on the subtropical island of Ishigaki, surrounded by nature, sunset over the sea couldn’t be more beautiful. Jusandi Villa provides a moment of luxury with 4 individual villas each with their own garden and private pool. The restaurant serves delicious Japanese cuisine cooked from fresh local…

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Keyforest Hotel Hokuto

A property as stunning as it is exclusive, the Keyforest Hotel Hokuto acts as the crown jewel of the Kobuchizawa Art Village. With its six carefully-designed rooms, friendly international staff, private spa and intimate dining spaces, guests are sure to enjoy a highly personal experience. Though still relatively unknown to international tourists, the Art Village…

Noku Roxy

The idea of a boutique hotel – small, intimate, upscale accommodation, where guests are made to feel at home – is a growing trend in Europe. In Japan boutique hotels are less common, but Noku Kyoto certainly fills this gap. The hotel’s style is very simple, and in this sense it is typically Japanese, yet…

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The Screen

A striking example of modern Japanese design, Kyoto’s Screen Hotel is only a short walk from both the ancient temples of Teramachi-dori (“temple town street”) and the shops and bustling nightlife of the Sanjo and Shijo districts. Each of the hotel’s thirteen guest rooms were conceived by a different artist or designer, so no two…

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Trunk Hotel

Trunk Hotel is a new addition to the Tokyo hotel scene, with all the personality and vibrancy of surrounding Shibuya. It prides itself on its strong concept of socialising; the lounge/ bar area is full of young people relaxing, hanging out, reading or working during the day, and abuzz with activity in the evening. It’s…

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Yufuin Forest Inn Born

Situated in the forest of Tsukahara highland, Yufuin, Forest Inn Born is an intimate inn comprising only 3 rooms. The rooms are a stylish blend of Japanese and Western design, and there are onsen baths are available for your relaxation. The food served is fresh and seasonal, and great attention is paid to the aesthetics…

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