The Minka

Tonari no Ie

Tonari no Ie is a delightfully bucolic property, close to The Kura. Downstream of the fresh alpine waters and locked in the gaze of the immense Iiyama mountains, this lovingly renovated minka gives you the sense of what life could be like if you decided to relocate to rural Japan. The owners, a British and Japanese couple, have kept instilled the very history of the property, showcasing ancient plastering techniques and features alongside hand-made furnishings using local woods.

Drawing your gaze away from the idyllic view over farms and mountains, look up to discover the secrets of traditional Japanese farmhouse architecture, and then relax at the luxurious solid-wood bar counter with under-floor heating.

Ascend the stairs to the raised platform to access the bedrooms, which hold more lore and insight into the original owners of the house.

An ideal getaway for those looking to experience the joys of rural Japan.