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Trunk Hotel

Trunk Hotel is a new addition to the Tokyo hotel scene, with all the personality and vibrancy of surrounding Shibuya. It prides itself on its strong concept of socialising; the lounge/ bar area is full of young people relaxing, hanging out, reading or working during the day, and abuzz with activity in the evening. It’s a luxury hotel of a different kind, with an intense focus on recycling, and coming together to meet people and make the world a better place. Trunk boasts two restaurants and a chapel. It’s certainly an alternative option for those looking for a quirky and memorable luxury stay in Japan’s capital.

Trunk Hotel is the epitome of "cool hotel." It places a strong emphasis on recycling and sustainability, and is brimming with character and charm. It's a great hotel for the instagram-generation, and is quirky through and through.

Reviewed by Hannah