Culinary classes

For those interested in cooking and especially for fans of Japanese cuisine, we can offer a variety of culinary lessons aimed at bringing out your inner Iron Chef!


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Amezaiku Sugar Modelling

The art of Amezaiku sugar modelling was imported to Japan from China during the Heian period and was originally used for offerings to temples. The craft spread beyond the temples during the Edo period, when many forms of street performance flourished in Japan and when its base ingredient, mizuame, became widely available. An amezaiku artist…

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Culinary Experience

Learn how to cook your favourite Japanese dishes with an expert or amateur chef! Into Japan Specialist Tours will be happy to arrange a cooking class as part of your trip to Japan. This class could be a simple lesson at a private home with an amateur cook who will share some common home style…

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Japanese Sweets “Wagashi” Experience

Learn to make traditional Japanese sweets at several locations around Japan, including Kyoto, Tokyo and Gifu. Visit one of Kyoto’s most famous sweet shops and learn the art of making ‘wagashi’. In Kyoto these are known as Kyogashi, and with the help of an expert teacher you can make your own. Once you have made…

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Ramen Class

Enjoy a fun and informative lesson in how to make tasty ramen in the kitchen of a real ramen restaurant. Learn how to blend the ingredients to make the stock, discover the different types of noodles, garnishes and toppings and the secrets of the ramen professionals! This is a mid afternoon activity and lasts for…

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Sake Tastings

Do you enjoy the occasional cup of sake? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about this traditional drink. Even if you have never tried this Japanese rice wine, a sake-tasting experience is a great chance to try this type of alcohol. In Kyoto, enjoy a tour of a former sake…

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Sushi Making Classes

Enjoy a private sushi making class at a top restaurant. The class is with the very best chefs who have experience teaching both amateurs and professional cooks, ensuring a rewarding, personalised class. Interpreters can be arranged as necessary. The class will be tailored according to your requests. You could enjoy a demonstration, where the owner-chef…

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