Japanese Sweet Class

Learn to make traditional Japanese sweets at several locations around Japan, including Kyoto, Tokyo and Gifu.

Visit one of Kyoto’s most famous sweet shops and learn the art of making ‘wagashi’. In Kyoto these are known as Kyogashi, and with the help of an expert teacher you can make your own. Once you have made your sweets you can relax and feast upon them as they are supposed to be enjoyed; with a cup of refreshing green tea.

As with much of Japanese food, presentation is very important and an immense amount of skill is applied even to make the simplest of foods. Made mainly from natural and often seasonal products, Japanese sweets are very different to anything in the west.

In the historic city of Gifu, we can arrange a private lesson at a specialist family run wagashi maker that’s been perfecting their art since 1865. Learn the art of wagashi from the 7th generation master confectioner!