Park Hyatt Kyoto

Park Hyatt, Kyoto

One of Kyoto’s newest luxury hotels, Park Hyatt Kyoto opened towards the end of 2019. Boasting a prime location in Higashiyama, overlooking the city from its hillside perch, the Park Hyatt offers perhaps the best views of any hotel in Kyoto.

With 70 guestrooms and 9 Suites, the hotel’s decor is inspired by the changing seasons and offers a calm retreat from the bustle of the neighbouring streets. In harmony with iconic landmarks and temples, spiritual gardens and nature’s four seasons, Park Hyatt Kyoto’s hillside retreat is an architectural gem, designed as the quintessential guesthouse illuminated by the mist and the moon, offering a unique blend of modern heritage and hospitality.

Skillfully curating the fusion of Kyoto’s historic past with contemporary luxury, Park Hyatt Kyoto’s rooms and suites highlight local craftsmanship and materials. Fragrant tamo wood, original artwork and zen garden views. The use of this light coloured wood is a theme that is apparent throughout the hotel. Melding beautifully with the ikebana and artworks on display, Park Hyatt Kyoto’s zen like calm is enhanced by views of its gardens through the windows of its corridors.

Ideally located next to Kodai-ji Temple surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage sites, Park Hyatt Kyoto is within walking distance of Kiyomizu-dera temple and boasts views of Kyoto City and the Yasaka Pagoda.

The hotel has two restaurants offering both teppanyaki and kaiseki cuisine as well as a more casual dining café, a lounge space for afternoon tea and a bar.

The hotel’s spa offers a full range of massage and beauty treatments for its guests and also non-residents.

The Park Hyatt Kyoto's location is fabulous! Perched on the hillside of Ninenzaka, overlooking the pagoda of Yasaka Shrine, the views of Kyoto are stunning in a city known for no skyscrapers and few hotels with any sort of view at all. While the streets around the hotel are busy during the daytime, in the evenings the area is calm and perfect for strolling. Indeed, a real sense of calm pervades the hotel and as I wandered its quiet corridors, looking out at the rock gardens and tended moss, it's easy to feel that same sense of calm oneself! I really liked the architect's use of light tamo wood throughout the hotel and the rooms feel very modern, yet still retain a sense of Kyoto and its history. If you're looking for a luxury hotel in one of Kyoto's prime, historic locations, the Park Hyatt is a great choice!