Coronavirus Special Booking Conditions

These are currently applicable for most new bookings made until the 31st January 2022

Our updated general policy is to allow clients travelling on a booked trip to postpone due to the coronavirus on the following basis:

1. We will make no charge for the rearrangement work involved to postpone the trip to any dates within 5 years of the original booking.

2. No decision needs to be made until 2 months before the date of travel when the balance payment is normally due, but we understand you may want to decide sooner because of conditions on flight tickets.

3. We have negotiated with all the suppliers and in almost all cases a postponed trip will not have any cancellation costs when the decision is made at least 2 months before travelling. If this is not the case you will be advised before any decisions are made.

4. Any payments made to date will be held for the postponed trip and full credit will be applied for the cost of the new trip. In most cases this would be a 15% deposit.

5. The new travel dates do not need to be confirmed when the trip is postponed.

6. The postponed trip may have increased costs due to changes in hotel and other rates. Unfortunately we cannot always confirm those costs until nearer the time of the new booking but we would not expect prices to increase by more than 5-10% overall in a 12 month period, unless travel is postponed to a more expensive season. Where there are price increases we are very happy to work with the itinerary to see where alternatives are possible to reduce the cost.

7. We will allow postponements which are requested due to knock-on effects of COVID-19 as we do understand that there could be continuing impacts on your work and personal life. This would mainly be based on postponements for reasons that are not covered by travel insurance.

8. The above conditions are also applicable to new bookings made until the 31st January 2022 for travel at any time except for some ski accommodation.