Fuji Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is not only Japan’s most scenic amusement park (the views of nearby Mount Fuji are stunning on clear days) but also the most thrilling.

All of the three main roller coasters set records when they were built: Fujiyama was the world’s tallest when built 1996, and it still ranks an impressive 8th; Dodonpa was the fastest in 2001 and still rates 3rd fastest in the world; and Eejanaika, the special “4th Dimension Roller Coaster”, is only the second of its kind.

Each is enough to terrify and delight all but the most hardened roller coaster fans, and the haunted hospital is scary enough to require emergency exits.

There are also some less adrenaline-pumping rides for younger children or the more sedate, of which Thomas Land in particular is geared towards those not tall or brave enough to try the roller coasters.