Hakone Onsen

Hakone has been one of Japan’s most popular hot spring resorts for hundreds of years and today there are over a dozen natural hot springs supplying the many ryokan and hotels in the area.

Visitors to Hakone can enjoy hot spring baths in both public bath houses and ryokan, many of which accept daytime visitors to their baths, as well as overnight guests. Admission fees for daytime visitors are typically between 500 and 2000 yen.

As with the vast majority of hot spring baths in Japan, bathing is done ‘au naturel’, although for the more modest visitor to Hakone, Kowakien Yunessun offers a sort of hot spring theme park, where bathing suits can be worn in many of the baths. Yunessun also has a variety of uniquely themed baths, including a coffee bath, a wine bath and a tea bath, should the thought of immersing yourself in something other than hot water appeal.