Hiroshima – Toukasan Festival

Hiroshima Toukasan Festival is one of Hiroshima’s most vibrant and popular summer events. It is held annually in early June (typically over the first weekend of the month), marking the beginning of the summer festival season. The festival takes place in the downtown area of Hiroshima and is dedicated to Toukasan, the deity of Toukasan Shrine. The festival is known for encouraging attendees to wear yukata, a traditional Japanese summer garment. This custom gives the festival a distinctly traditional and colourful atmosphere. The festival features lively parades of participants dressed in yukata, along with traditional music and dance performances. 

Streets such as Chuo-dori and the surrounding areas are bustling with activities and stalls during the festival days. The numerous food stalls offer a variety of local delicacies, snacks, and beverages. There are vendors selling traditional crafts and festival souvenirs, and a range of entertainment options, such as traditional dance (Bon Odori), taiko drumming performances, and other cultural displays providing insight into Japanese culture and traditions.