Omiya Bonsai Village

For anyone interested in the art of bonsai, a visit to the Omiya Bonsai Village near Tokyo is highly recommended.

The ‘village’ is home to about a dozen top Bonsai nurseries as well as The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, which boasts a stunning collection and displays special exhibitions regularly. The museum offers great insights in Bonsai history, culture and equipment.

Among the excellent nurseries, we particularly recommend:

Mansei-en (蔓青園)
Mansei-en is a stunning garden located close to the museum. The Bonsai trees are beautifully displayed and inside the building you will find more trees displayed together with accessory plants and scrolls.

Toju-en (藤樹園)
Toju-en is a Bonsai nursery with several fine Bonsai trees and also offers Bonsai classes (in Japanese only) at weekends.

Seikou-en (清香園)
Displaying one of the most beautiful collections of Bonsai trees in Omiya, Seiko-en is a must-visit. This garden is the only one in Omiya to charge an entrance fee.

Fuyo-en (芙蓉園)
This nursery is close to the Omiya-Koen train station. The garden is very beautiful and contains several Bonsai masterpieces.