Temple ‘Zen’ Sessions

Experience a taste of Zen with a private meditation session at a Kyoto temple.

The Vice-Abbot will offer you introductory sessions on zazen meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and temple tours. Each session generally combines a tour of the ancient temple with two fifteen minute meditation sessions, a discussion on Buddhism, and finishes with a reviving cup of whisked matcha tea and a Japanese sweet, making this the perfect option for those hoping to sample the spirit of Japanese Buddhism.

You can try the meditation called ‘Zazen.’ Zen Buddhism offers a number of methods of mediation, which have been used for a long time . ‘Zazen’ involves sitting in one of several available positions and meditating, so that you become fully in touch with the true nature of reality.

Such zen sessions can also be undertaken at a historical Zen Buddhist temple in Kamakura. Engaku-ji Temple is the main temple of the Engaku-ji Temple School within the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. It is the second of Kamakura’s five great Zen temples. It was founded by Hojo Tokimune in the year 1282. The building has been designated as a national treasure.

Tell us if you’d like to add a bit of zen to your Japan trip!