Akihabara – known colloquially as Akiba – is the heart of Tokyo’s electronic district and is something of a Mecca for otaku of all stripes.

Which shops to visit depend very much on what you’re looking for, as some specialize in one thing only, while others have nearly every electronic device imaginable.

Coming out of the station, most of the big electronics stores lie just to the west and the anime and manga shops a bit north of them.

The arcades have some of the best variety in Tokyo as well, with good selections of both modern and classic games.

Akihabara is also famous for Maid cafés, where you can enjoy refreshments and games with young ladies dressed in maid costumes. Completely innocent in nature, these are temples to the cult of kawaii so expect more saccharine than sauciness.

Experiences in Akihabara

Maid Cafés

An offshoot of the Japanese love of cosplay and anime culture, in these establishments waitresses dress as French maids and treat customers as their masters and mistresses. While they can be compared in spirit to the concept of a hostess...