Miho Jinja

Miho Jinja Shrine watches over the sleepy seaside town of Mihonoseki in Shimane Prefecture. As one would expect of a shrine in a coastal location, it is known for being the home of the god of maritime prosperity and business success, Ebisu. In fact, it is the head shrine for the god, who has over 3,000 shrines spread across Japan. One of the “Seven Gods of Luck”, the jovial fisherman often pictured with a red snapper in one hand.

What may surprise you is the deep connection to music this shrine holds! Ebisu has a great love of music and musical instruments so devotees have offered hundreds of precious instruments to be treasured at the shrine, only brought out on special occasions.

Enjoy more of the coastline this shrine protects by taking a walk along to Mihonoseki Lighthouse. Perched on the top of the peninsula, this lighthouse offers not just gorgeous views of the ocean and surrounding coastline, but is also a viewpoint for Mt Daisen on clear days.