Sushi Mizutani

Michelin ☆☆☆

Located in the basement floor of a building opposite the Ginza Nikko Hotel, this restaurant is owned and operated by Hachiro Mizutani, one of Japan’s best-known sushi chefs. The surprisingly understated, clean and pleasant interior has just 10 counter seats.

The appeal of this restaurant lies first and foremost in the unquestionable quality of ingredients used and Mizutani’s sushi-making techniques. Sushi here is slightly more slender than usual, elegant and beautifully crafted. Various innovative ideas are used behind the scenes to enhance the taste of the toppings, which include aromatic and tender abalone, best-quality tuna, and bonito smoked over burning straw. The chef takes pride in the rice, a blend of several varieties developed over four decades in collaboration with his rice dealer. The subtle balance between the vinegar and salt used for seasoning, the body temperature at which the rice is kept and the chef’s unique techniques combine to further intensify the taste of the base material. Even in the tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) available only at dinner, Mizutani’s unfailing skill is demonstrated.