Sushi Saito

Michelin ☆☆☆

Until 2014, this sushi restaurant was, rather bizarrely, located in a car park but is now to be found in the Ark Hills Tower in Roppongi. With only 8 seats, this is a small restaurant but the young owner, Takashi Saito, has built an enviable reputation for serving some of the best sushi in Japan.

With great attention paid to the freshness and temperature of the fish served, Saito is also known for being outgoing and friendly with his guests and the restaurant has a more relaxed atmosphere than some of the other Michelin starred sushi restaurants in Japan. He also speaks reasonable English and his prices are, considering those three stars, among the cheapest of Tokyo’s top sushi restaurants.

** Please note that as of 2019, Sushi Saito now only accept reservations from those who have previously dined there or who have a personal connection to the restaurant. Sadly, reservations are nigh impossible to achieve.