Asadaya ryokan

Asadaya is more than 140 years old and the most famous ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn in Kanazawa. It has only 5 elaborate rooms for guests, in order to provide perfect services in accordance with the “sukiya” style of simplicity.

Located very close to Omicho Market, Asadaya Ryokan is similar to a history and art museum and houses a breathtaking collection of sword guards from the Edo period. The interior blends traditional elegance with innovative designs—a perfect metaphor for the age of Japan’s transition into modernity. Antique furnishings and exquisite scrolls and paintings also appear throughout the inn.

Dinner is carefully prepared with regard to guests’ likes and dislikes and embodies the famous Kaga cuisine, with ingredients sourced from seasonal local produce. Leisurely multi-course dinners are served in room, with as much importance placed on the Kanazawa lacquerware on which meals are served as the food itself.