Murata is an assortment of historical houses, collected from all over Japan and refurbished to the highest standard as private luxury cottage accommodation.

Rooms feature private onsen baths and each is utterly unique. Murata is featured in the well known book ‘The Japanese spa: a guide to Japan’s finest ryokan and onsen’.

Built in 1992 on a 4.05-acre at foot of Mt.Yufu, Sansou Murata is a scenic tranquil place away from the busy town life of Yufuin.

The main Ryokan building and some twelve-guest houses were brought to Yufuin from the Northeastern region of Niigata Prefecture where they had been used for over a hundred years and you can still experience the history of these old and traditional Japanese houses.

Guests can enjoy a hot spring bath at any time of the day in their rooms. Each room is thoughtfully well planned and laid out so that guests can relax either in the living room space or in the bedroom.

While not all of the Ryokan staff are fluent in English, they all have a strong feeling of “Omotenashi“, which is the unique and original traditional Japanese culture of service spirit in hospitality.

The best luxury ryokan in Yufuin. Situated atop a hill overlooking Yufuin, being at Murata is like being in a private village.

Reviewed by Guillaume