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At Into Japan Specialist Tours, we understand all too well that during these uncertain times, you may be apprehensive about booking a holiday. We only want you to travel when it is safe to do so, and when you are entirely happy to go.

In addition to our ABTOT and ATOL protection which ensures your money is 100% safe, we are doing all we can to offer the greatest flexibility and to make sure you can book with confidence.

Holiday postponements possible for up to 5 years.

For almost all holidays booked before 31st July 2022, we’ll accept and honour full credit to allow postponements for up to 5 years, giving you incredible flexibility. This is valid for travel at any time.

Holiday postponements possible up to 60 days prior to travel

No decision needs to be made until 2 months before the date of travel, although we understand some clients may wish to decide sooner because of conditions on flight tickets. Should you decide to postpone your trip, the deposit (normally 15%) will be held as credit in full for the postponed trip.

Things on the ground in Japan are almost back to normal now

Japan has been fortunate to avoid many of the problems faced by other countries and although there are certainly some restrictions in place and measures taken to ensure guests’ safety, shops, restaurants and hotels are all now mostly reopened and operating as normal.

Outside the cities, life in the Japanese countryside offers a different pace of life, free from coronavirus restrictions.

If you want to visit Japan but are still concerned that the crowded cities may not be safe, rural Japan offers a great opportunity to see the ‘real Japan’ and avoid the crowds and virus!

We expect Japan to have continuing low virus numbers in the future

The early measures in Japan helped reduce the spread of the virus but the main reason for low numbers is likely to be inherent in the culture as Japanese have very little physical contact, rarely shaking hands or hugging. It is also commonplace to wear masks when they have a cold and they are generally very cautious. This will also minimise the risk of an outbreak in the future so we expect Japan will continue to be one of the safest destinations for travellers.

More information on the current situation in Japan is shown HERE

Feel free to call us to discuss your plans and any concerns you may have.

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