Coronavirus Update

Life in Japan during Coronavirus

So how exactly is daily life currently in Japan? We’re in regular contact with colleagues, friends and family throughout Japan to keep abreast of what’s really happening on the ground, so that when the time is right, you’ll be able to book a trip to Japan with confidence.

At this time, life in Japan has pretty much returned to what is described as a ‘new normal’, with the country reopening domestically but maintaining vigilance in the fight against the virus and its variants. Hand sanitiser can be found in the entrance of almost all public buildings, including shops, restaurants and offices and in some places, visitors have their temperature checked on entering.

Masks – masks have been worn in public by the Japanese for many years when they are sick for example, or when pollen counts are high, so masks are a very common sight in Japan even at the best of times. During the current pandemic, almost everyone is wearing a mask outside in big cities although in smaller cities and in the countryside, this is less noticeable.

Hotels – more or less, most hotels in Japan are now open and ready for business although that business is currently all domestic. Hotels are committed to providing increased health and hygiene measures that go beyond the necessary protocols required by local government authorities. Many of these efforts are noticeable, such as distancing between tables, face masks worn by employees and regular temperature checks for guests and staff, as well as some behind the scenes protocols that are less noticeable to guests.

Shops – are also now open as normal, although many are using social distancing measures such as seen elsewhere.

Restaurants – as with other businesses, most restaurants are now reopened and doing business as normal, but with spacing of tables and limits of the number of diners allowed in at one time.

Public Transport – at this time, all public transport in Japan is operating as normal. Passengers are required to wear masks.