Gifu – Nagara River Fireworks Displays

Fireworks enthusiasts in central Japan during the summer are in for a treat; the city of Gifu is host to two spectacular fireworks displays on consecutive weekends in the mid summer.

On the last Saturday in July, The Chunichi Newspaper Nagara River All-Japan Fireworks Festival is held and the following weekend, on the first Saturday in August, The Nagara River National Display.

These competitive fireworks displays are among the largest and most impressive displays in Japan. Huge numbers of people come to Gifu each year to watch fireworks launched from the bed of the Nagara River, with Mt. Kinka in the background. The river bank itself is “the best seat in the house” for watching the display.

Roughly half a million visitors attend each of the events and as both teams of organisers vie to outdo not only each other but their own previous displays, viewers can expect spectacular shows and around 30,000 fireworks set off at each display.