Kyoto National Museum

Opened in 1897, the Kyoto National Museum, is one of Japan’s oldest and most distinguished museums. The museum’s permanent collection is presented to the public in rotating exhibitions and consists of a wide variety of cultural properties, including archaeological relics, sculptures, ceramics, calligraphy, costumes and paintings.

Highlights of the Kyoto National Museum’s huge collection include Buddhist images such as rare pieces from Gandhara and the Heian Period, ceramics including Haniwa figurines from the Kofun Period of the 6th century; paintings by Sesshu, Maruyama Okyo, the Kano School of artists as well as Chinese art works; calligraphy attributed to both Japanese and Chinese masters; textiles from Japan, Persia and other countries; priceless lacquerware ;and metalwork (swords, lanterns and armour).