Ritsurin Park in Takamatsu is one of the largest in Japan, covering an impressive 75 acres. Built in the early Edo period and originally named for its chestnut trees, Ritsurin is now dominated by beautifully sculpted pines, which cover the tsukiyama, or artificial hills, and the banks of the many ponds, both large and small, which dot the park.

There are a number of facilities inside the spacious park, including a folk museum, shops and a few teahouses where you can take a rest and enjoy refreshments amidst the beauty of the garden. We particularly recommend having a cup of green matcha tea at the Kikugetsu-Tei teahouse, which has lovely views out over the ponds and for the price of a cup of tea, you can also wander through the traditional building.

The garden is lovely to visit year round and each season brings a different vista to the park. The plum and cherry blossom seasons are popular times to visit, as is during the fiery Autumn foliage.