The capital of Kagawa Prefecture, Takamatsu has been the political and economic centre in the region since the Edo period. Situated on the northern border of Shikoku and facing the Inland sea, A must-see location is Ritsurin Park, which features pavilions and ponds against a background view of Mt Shiun. Built by local feudal lords over more than a hundred years during the Edo period, it is renowned as one of the most beautiful landscape gardens in the country. In addition to visiting other attractive sights such as the Kompira-san temple which offers stunning panoramic views across the area, we recommend you taste Takamatsu’s own noodles, Sanuki udon, famous for being inexpensive and delicious.

For those interested in art, we also recommend a visit to the nearby town of Mure, where you can visit the Isamu Noguchi Memorial Garden, which showcases the life and work of the famous Japanese American sculptor and designer.