Yushien Gardens

A garden on an island in a lake

Just outside the city of Matsue, on the island of Daikonjima, which lies in the middle of Lake Nakaumi, is the lovely Yushien, a large garden best known for peony flowers. The 40,000 sqm grounds feature many traditional landscape garden design elements. These include a large central pond, with waterfalls, streams, stone lanterns, rock gardens and seasonal flowers.

The garden’s major attraction however, is its collection of 250 types of Japanese peony. Visitors can see the peonies flower all year round in both indoor and outdoor displays. An annual Peony Festival is held from late April through to May.

There are three restaurants within the grounds, each serving delicious local dishes and offering different views of the gardens. Korean ginseng is a grown locally on Daikonjima and features in many of the dishes.

In conclusion, Yushien is a lovely garden to stroll in for a few hours. We highly recommended a visit to Yushien for anyone visiting the Matsue area.

Discover more about Yushien Gardens on their website.