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Built on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is ultra-modern, boasting wonderful shopping and entertainment. High on the list of activities here is the Ferris wheel. One of the world’s largest at an impressive one hundred and fifteen metres, it is an excellent way to look out over Tokyo. Odaiba is best known for its…

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Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, is famous for its bustling city life, thriving music and cultural scene, sense of humour and laidback approach. Osaka has always been a vibrant centre of commerce, and therefore also entertainment, as the two often go hand-in-hand in Japan. The area around Dotombori & Ebisu-bashi is a blaze of bright…

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Japan’s capital city is a truly mesmerising place. A myriad of stimuli competing for your attention and a constant buzz of jingles, neon, giant TV screens, and pop music help to make Tokyo one of the most thrilling and futuristic places on earth. A vast and complicated sprawl when you look at the rail map,…

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