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Japanese Sweets “Wagashi” Experience

Learn to make traditional Japanese sweets at several locations around Japan, including Kyoto, Tokyo and Gifu. Visit one of Kyoto’s most famous sweet shops and learn the art of making ‘wagashi’. In Kyoto these are known as Kyogashi, and with the help of an expert teacher you can make your own. Once you have made…

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Kanazawa, best known for the stunning Kenroku-en Gardens, is one of Japan’s best kept secrets. Ruled first by Buddhist monks and then by the powerful and wealthy Maeda clan, Kanazawa was once one of Japan’s richest cities. It was also one of only a handful of cities to escape damage during the Second World War,…

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Plastic Food Making

Have you ever wondered how the delicious looking replica food in restaurant window displays is made? This is your chance to find out and try the techniques for yourself under instruction from one of the best known companies in the industry. Based in Kappa Bashi, the ‘kitchen’ of Tokyo, this company has supplied restaurants for…

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Sake Tastings

Do you enjoy the occasional cup of sake? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about this traditional drink. Even if you have never tried this Japanese rice wine, a sake-tasting experience is a great chance to try this type of alcohol. In Kyoto, enjoy a tour of a former sake…

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Trip Report: Discovering Japan with the Newman family

As an adventurous family of four, the Newmans didn’t settle for paths most trodden by international tourists. Their July 2016 tour instead took them to a wide variety of locales across Honshu, discovering the best in Japanese arts, nature and culture. From cycling through the Satoyama countryside to exploring the famous art island, Naoshima, the…