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Gora Byakudan

Gora Byakudan is one of Hakone’s newest ryokan-style accommodation choices. It’s a beautiful new Japanese-style hotel with outstanding views in a secluded, peaceful setting. The location is wonderful, and the glass lobby offers some spectacular views. It is here that guests also enjoy their breakfast and evening meal, gazing out at the fog, and rolling hills of Hakone is a real treat.

Staff dressed in kimono greeted us as we arrived and served a delicious, and much needed iced coffee in the hotel lobby as we admired the view in awe. Upon check-in, guests are welcomed with a drink and procedures are completed in the beautiful seating area. The drinks in the lobby are self-service throughout the stay. Byakudan has a very modern style, with its own signature scent wafting throughout the property. It is very popular with Japanese guests, making it a great choice for those looking to experience authentic accommodation, and something a bit less touristy. I particularly recommend the ground floor rooms, which offer a lovely garden terrace area too. Byakudan is a great choice for anyone looking for a Japanese style hotel but with western beds and onsen baths

Reviewed by Hannah