maki no oto

Maki no Oto Kanazawa

Opened in 2017, the tiny but charming family-run ryokan hotel Maki no Oto has but four rooms: a Japanese style room and a Western style room in both the main building and the brand new annex. Located in the Higashi Chaya Gai geisha district, a stay here puts you right in the heart of Kanazawa.

With architecture which neatly matches the atmosphere of the surrounding district, the building has won an award from the city of Kanazawa for design that enhances the beauty and authenticity of the famous old town. Maki no Oto is an excellent base for exploring the surrounding neighborhoods, with their beautifully maintained historical houses, traditional arts and handicrafts, and gardens.

The main building’s two rooms are Nishi (West) & Higashi (East), contemporary Japanese and Western styles respectively. Nishi’s living room has tatami-mats and a bedroom with twin beds, making it a perfect size for 2 to 3 guests. It’s also possible to divide the living room and bedroom by using Shoji screens(sliding screen doors) for privacy. The Western style Higashi room is suitable for a couple and has a queen-size bed and a spacious sofa.

The Japanese style room in the Annex, Yuzen, is also for 2 to 3 guests. The tatami mat living room looks out onto a small patio rock garden and Twin Simmons beds in the bedroom. Kagayaki, the Western style room, is for 2 guests and has a natural modern design with lattice doors, shoji screens, and beams.

Maki no Oto’s dinners showcase avant-garde Japanese cuisine and can either be eaten at a counter in front of the chef or at tables overlooking the illuminated garden. Multi courses are served on carefully selected beautiful Japanese ceramics, including the famous local Kutani ware. Ingredients are locally sourced, seasonal products of both the ocean and the mountains around Kanazawa. 2 types of healthy breakfast are offered, using plenty of fruits and vegetables.