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Wanosato Ryokan

The luxurious rural ryokan Wanosato has only eight Japanese-style rooms, which makes for a pleasant, intimate atmosphere that some larger properties lack. The thatched roofs of the former farmhouses and large gardens help to create a peaceful ambiance for guests, echoing the architectural style of the nearby Shirakawa-go folk village.

All of Wanosato’s rooms have private toilets and baths, and there are larger communal baths for all guests to enjoy. The ryokan’s fresh, seasonal kaiseki meals are beautifully prepared and presented.

Tucked away in the forest, a short walk from the main building are the minka with their lichen-covered thatched roof and earthen walls, camouflaging them into a backdrop of a tale from old Japan. The love of nature instilled by Japan’s religious beliefs, an abundance of forests has lead Wanosato to become a well-known hot spring destination and nature retreat.

Expect to indulge in Wansato’s local foods including ‘sansai’ (mountain vegetables), ‘wasakana’ (river fish) as well as Hida beef and locally distilled sake. Hidden are the rewards in this exquisite escape into natural beauty and discovery. During your stay you’ll enjoy gracious accommodations, deliciously healthy and deservedly honoured Wanosato cuisine with unlimited fresh mountain air.