>> Please note that we do not sell Railpasses except as part of a full package tour <<

Our quotes often include Japan Rail Passes for 7, 14, or 21 days. We consider these to be the most economical, flexible and environmentally friendly way to travel in Japan, as they allow you unlimited access on all Japan Rail trains across the country, including shinkansen bullet trains (except the fastest, Nozomi), during the time period. Prior to your departure, we will provide you with a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Voucher, which will be changed to a Japan Rail Pass upon your arrival in Japan. Your reserved seat tickets will also be booked at this time or during your orientation session but your railpass allows you to also use unreserved seats on any valid train.

Note that if you are using a rail pass, it is not possible to book train tickets before arriving in Japan and because of this, we do not recommend using them during times of peak travel.

During some periods of particularly busy travel, such as the peak of the cherry blossom season in late March and early April, Golden Week (late April & early May) and Obon (mid August), trains can be very crowded and it may not always be possible to secure seats on trains at the particular times shown in your tailored train timetable.

Please also note that during peak travel periods, there can be very long queues at the Railpass exchange counter at Narita airport. If you are using a Railpass and need to exchange your voucher and make seat reservations, please understand that this is unavoidable. If we have included airport meeting and assistance on arrival, to save you having to queue and wait yourselves, our staff will take care of this for you while you relax somewhere nearby. The procedure can also be done by our staff at Tokyo station following your Orientation session if your flight arrives at a suitable time. Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns about exchanging your Railpasses

If you don’t use a Railpass, buying tickets in advance for individual journeys is possible, so to avoid delays on arrival and to guarantee seats on trains, if you would prefer us to book your rail tickets separately prior to your arrival in Japan, please let us know and we will be able to re-quote your trip with the individual train journeys required.