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Hoshinoya Tokyo

Promising sublime and authentic Japanese ryokan hospitality in the heart of Japan’s capital, Hoshinoya Tokyo offers the genuine Hoshinoya experience. The rooms deliver traditional elegance combined with comfort to allow guests to escape from the bustle of the city outside . Each floor also features a common lounge exclusive to the guests of that floor where seasonal tea and snacks are served during the day and alcohol at night. This tower ryokan even has hot-spring baths and a spa on the 17th floor.

Hoshinoya Tokyo lies in the city’s economic center amid a landscape of buildings owned by financial and media giants. In contrast with its grand facade, the 17-story hotel offers a relaxed ambience with a sense of intimacy and surprise; qualities that are rooted in traditional Japanese hospitality. Each floor is an exclusive domain, accessible only by the guests staying there, and with a dedicated staff in place to meet their every need, as well as to maintain the elegant customs that have been honoured for centuries at traditional Japanese inns.

I visited soon after the opening and was really impressed by what Hoshinoya have created in the middle of Tokyo. From you the moment you walk in, the ryokan experience begins with shoes removed, slippers on and modern ryokan interiors all around with an intimate feeling throughout. So how on earth can you do that over 18 floors? The answer is to create each floor as a self contained ryokan - just 6 rooms per floor, with its open public space for drinks, a library etc. The floors cannot be accessed if you are not staying on that floor which makes it ideal for a private small group (booking all 6 rooms). The top floor has a very unusual hot spring - totally enclosed and very dark, with just a small opening vertically above you; very atmospheric! It's a good location and if you want an intense Japanese experience in the middle of Tokyo - then you can have it here.

Reviewed by David