Luxury ryokan

Ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, range from simple, modest lodgings, through rambling wooden inns reminiscent of times past, to sleek modern resorts designed by top firms and providing every indulgence.

At any level, ryokan offer an exceptional dining experience, with kaiseki dinners and traditional Japanese breakfasts served at a low table in your room. Rooms are in the traditional Japanese style, emphasising clean lines and a sense of space. There tend to be few furnishings and soft Japanese futon mattresses are spread out on the tatami floor in place of beds. All ryokan offer communal onsen baths, often in stunning outdoor settings and all rooms booked in the star categories below will include en suite facilities.

In terms of facilities and services, ryokan offer something quite different from hotels in the same level. Where hotels will offer twenty-four hour room service, mini bars, swimming pools and concierge service, ryokan offer traditional Japanese service that will not generally include the above. Instead, the focus is on the food, the rooms, the baths and the atmosphere. As ryokan tend to cater to Japanese guests, English is not always spoken, even in the higher star ratings, though staff will always do their utmost to communicate with you.


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The newest addition to the Aman Resorts constellation, Amanemu embraces the ancient Japanese bathing tradition of onsen, using nutrient-rich thermal springs to provide a contemplative and restorative retreat set among serene natural surroundings. Perched on the rolling hills of Ise-Shima National Park in southwestern Japan, Amanemu is a hot-spring sanctuary overlooking the calm waters of…

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Asadaya ryokan

Asadaya is more than 140 years old and the most famous ryokan in Kanazawa. It has only 5 elaborate rooms for guests in order to provide perfect services in accordance with the “sukiya” style of simplicity. Asadaya Ryokan is similar to a history or art museum, and has an excellent collection of sword guards from…

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Aura Tachibana

Located just minutes from Hakone Yumoto Station, Aura Tachibana houses large public indoor and outdoor hot spring baths.  They also have private open-air baths on the roof.  The baths, coupled with an incredible view of the hillside scenery, provide the ultimate spot for rest and relaxation. Aura Tachibana is well known for its Japanese-style dinner and breakfast.  They…

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Beniya Mukayu

Beniya Mukayu is a luxury ryokan spa retreat nestled in the countryside of Yamashiro Onsen. Its architecture elegantly emphasizes contrasts between light, shade and neutral colours and every room has its own private open-air hot spring bath, with a wonderful view of the authentic Japanese garden. The traditional tea ceremony performed by the owner, yoga…

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Dogo Onsen Dogokan

This is a perfect blend of modern building and traditional ryokan. This modern Japanese-style building was designed by the famous architect Kisho Kurokawa. It was designed to complement nature and includes a beautiful and generously-sized spa area. Service is outstanding and visitors from abroad are warmly welcomed. The hotel’s location is ideal for visiting the…

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As well as being one of the most famous ryokan in Japan, Gajoen is located in Myoken Onsen, a hot-springs resort renowned for its beauty worldwide. Gajoen’s charm lies in its simplicity: guests to this exclusive ryokan can expect farm-fresh cooking entirely prepared using locally-sourced ingredients, all picked and prepared on the very day of…

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Gora Byakudan

Gora Byakudan is one of Hakone’s newest ryokan-style accommodation choices. It’s a beautiful new Japanese-style hotel with outstanding views in a secluded, peaceful setting. The location is wonderful, and the glass lobby offers some spectacular views. It is here that guests also enjoy their breakfast and evening meal, gazing out at the fog, and rolling…

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Gora Kadan

This exclusive Hakone ryokan has a great reputation, blending modern comforts with traditional Japanese ryokan aesthetics and service. It is a member of Relais & Chateaux, a French federation of independent luxury properties. Unapologetically expensive, the Gora Kadan is the premier choice in Hakone for a luxurious ryokan stay and whether as a base for…

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Hakone Ginyu

Hakone Ginyu is a South East Asian inspired Japanese ryokan, perched on the steep slope of the Haya River Valley. It is a more modern ryokan: whilst offering the traditional tatami flooring and futon bedding, there is still a perceptible sense of modernity and luxury in the property’s sumptuous design. As you walk in, you…

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Hiiragiya Ryokan

A Kyoto institution, this luxurious ryokan first opened its doors in 1818 and has been owned and run by the same family for 6 generations. Famous for its Kyoto-style kaiseki dinners, Hiiragiya has hosted many famous guests and each room is differently decorated with art and antiques. Most rooms offer views of the traditional garden…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kyoto  |  Tags: , , ,

Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan

Situated on the elegant Miya River, this characterful ryokan quietly sits by one of the town’s famous attractions, the red Nakabashi bridge. All rooms are furnished in traditional Japanese style, and you can enjoy their relaxing onsen baths as well as their seasonal cuisine. The ryokan reflects the rustic charm and peaceful ambience of the…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , ,

Hoshinoya Kyoto

The resort is located in the hills to the west of Kyoto, in Arashiyama, an area favoured as a nature retreat by the people of Kyoto since the time of the first emperors of Japan. All 25 rooms offer a view of the Ooigawa River flowing through a deep gorge. Only accessible by its own…

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Hoshinoya Tokyo

Promising sublime and authentic Japanese ryokan hospitality in the heart of Japan’s capital, Hoshinoya Tokyo offers the genuine Hoshinoya experience. The rooms deliver traditional elegance combined with comfort to allow guests to escape from the bustle of the city outside . Each floor also features a common lounge exclusive to the guests of that floor…

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Situated in a picturesque part of Momijidani Park, the stylish luxury ryokan Iwaso has among their guest list members of the Japanese royal family and has been welcoming visitors to Miyajima since 1854. Each comfortable room boasts creative design, such as flame-shaped windows, openwork screens, latticework and alcove posts. The Wakamiya Hot Spring, named after…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Western Honshu  |  Tags: , , , , ,

Izu Atami Koarashitei

Located on a beautiful hill with a fantastic view of Sagami Bay and surrounded by the peaceful countryside, Atami Koarashitei is a lovely retreat from urban bustle. Guests can enjoy the beauty of the inner garden, relax in the hot-spring baths, and enjoy delicious kaiseki cuisine.

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , , ,


A traditional inn with a huge Japanese garden designed by a famous garden designer. All rooms have great views of the garden. Relax and feel at ease in the open-air bath that is directly connected to each room. The cuisine is seasonal, fresh and utterly delicious.

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , ,

KAI Aso Resort

This is the perfect resort to take yourself away from busy city life and treat yourself with luxury. An awareness of the changing seasons is part of all aspects of this ryokan, from the perfectly presented kaiseki meals of the finest local ingredients to the ever-present spectacular scenery. KAI Aso manages 12 separate cottages for…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kyushu  |  Tags: , ,

KAI Hakone

KAI Hakone is a modern-style Japanese resort ryokan with tatami-matted rooms, although there are western-style room options too. The rooms are designed to provide a peaceful retreat with modern comforts. The highlights are the traditional kaiseki cuisine featuring local Hakone dishes and the indoor/ outdoor baths with one wall open to the view of the…

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Kai Izumo Matsue

An exclusive Japanese hot springs accomodation in Tamatsukuri onsen near Matsue, each of the stylish resort’s guestrooms’ open-air baths are fed by the area’s famed thermal waters. Delicious meals use the freshest local ingredients and a stay here is sure to please!

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Western Honshu  |  Tags: ,

KAI Kawaji

At this quiet getaway nestled along a scenic wooded ravine, relax in lush hot-spring baths and enjoy sweets made with freshly ground flour and grain at the traditional water mill. Enjoy the finest relaxation in KAI Kawaji’s hinoki open-air baths (a cypresswood bath) and rock open-air baths. All the rooms of this stylish ryokan resort…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Northern Honshu  |  Tags: , , ,

KAI Nikko

KAI Nikko is an exclusive Japanese hot springs accomodation in Nikko’s Chuzenji onsen. Guests at this luxurious resort ryokan can gaze out over Lake Chuzenji from their rooms, which feature classic architecture and traditional touches in a contemporary style. Guests can also enjoy seasonal Japanese cuisine, and the resort’s private open-air baths and sauna.

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Northern Honshu  |  Tags: , , , , ,

Kaichoro Ryokan

One of the newest of Japan’s top ryokan, Ikaho Onsen’s Kaichoro is perhaps the most luxurious: flawless rooms meld the best of Japanese and Western architecture, secluded open-air onsen baths are ensuite to all suites, and exquisite French Kaiseki dinners are unparalleled at all but a handful of the world’s best restaurants. The Kaichoro’s recent…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Northern Honshu  |  Tags: , , ,


One of the most luxurious ryokans in the area, Hakone Kinnotake was inspired by Japan’s famous 10th century folktale “Taketori Monogatari”, in which the beautiful and mysterious Princess Kaguya is discovered in the stalk of a bamboo plant, and eventually returns to the moon. Kinnotake boasts 10 uniquely designed rooms and suites looking out on…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu, Kanto  |  Tags: , , , ,

Kotosankaku Ryokan

Just a 5-minute walk from JR Kotohira Train Station, Kotosankaku provides Japanese rooms with traditional futon beds, a minibar and Konpira Mountain views. Hot-spring baths, traditional meals and massage services are featured. Tatami (woven-straw) floors and shoji paper screens create a zen atmosphere in the rooms, some of which include a private hot-spring bath.

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Shikoku  |  Tags: , ,

Lamp no Yado

A luxury rural ‘sanctuary’ retreat located on the very tip of the Noto Peninsula, Lamp no Yado sits right beside the sea overlooking its very own private beach. Every room is Japanese style and has a private bath to relax in and take in the scenery. Lamp no Yado offers traditional dishes from fresh local…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , ,

Moku no Sho

A beautiful, modern Japanese ryokan hotel that offers a lovely place to stay, but located on the far western reaches of the Niseko area and some distance away from the slopes and nighlife so perhaps not ideal for hardcore skiers and those who want lots of après ski action. However, for those who fancy a…

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Motoyu Ishiya

Located in Fukatani spa, a 400 year old castle town on the outskirts of Kanazawa, this long established ryokan has a history of over 200 years. The brown coloured water of the hot springs is well known for its medicinal properties and there is a beautiful traditional garden with a Noh stage. Meals are based…

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Murata is an assortment of historical houses, collected from all over Japan and refurbished to the highest standard as private luxury cottage accommodation. Rooms feature private onsen baths and each is utterly unique. Murata is featured in the well known book ‘The Japanese spa: a guide to Japan’s finest ryokan and onsen’. Built in 1992…

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Oborozukiyo Ryokan

Oborozukiyo ryokan is nestled in a quiet area not far from Dogo Onsen station. Its design combines both comfort, elegance and tradition. All its rooms have private outdoor baths in the traditional Japanese style. You can also enjoy beauty treatment s in the Aesthetic room, or simply relax in your own lounge area. The menu…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Shikoku  |  Tags: , , ,

Ryokan Asaba

This luxurious ryokan complex was first built in 1675, and despite its sleek modernized décor, it still retains a strong traditional Japanese aesthetic. The complex is surrounded by a bamboo forest and overlooks a vast pond, a beautiful setting in which guests can bathe, relax and eat freshly-prepared seasonal meals in perfect tranquility. Just across…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , , ,

Ryokan Tanabe

This traditional Japanese ryokan is located near Takayama rail station. Its interior was designed and equipped by local craftsmen. In the lounge, you can find a traditional hearth built into the floor. The ryokan’s two public baths (Rock Bath and Cypress bath) are filled with natural mineral water and they are definitely worth a try….

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , , ,

Seikansou Ryokan

Located just a short ride from the Hakone Yumoto station, this cozy small ryokan has only nine rooms, each named after a colour, which is then used for part of the interior of each room. The décor is traditional Japanese and pleasant, making your stay as relaxing as possible. The rooms have futon beds –…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kanto  |  Tags: , , ,

Sen no Mori

Sen No Mori, having only 2 villas, set in 20000 square meters, is located at the foot of Mount Aso. Nearby, a stream gurgles, and in the tranquility of the hot springs country at the base of magnificent Mount Aso, is an atmosphere of serenity to be experienced nowhere else – the perfect environment to…

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Opened in Spring 2015, Suiran is a luxury ryokan-style hotel situated in the grounds of Tenryu-ji temple, to the west of Kyoto, and overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Hozugawa River. Two nearby structures, which are more than 100 years old, have been renovated to be the café and restaurant, thus providing guests with the…

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This is a special ryokan in the middle of a 32 acre bamboo forest. Set in tranquil surroundings, its eleven guestrooms have each got a traditional Japanese hearth, called “iori”, and have their own private baths; ideal for total relaxation. There are four open air baths with access for all hotel guests, as well as…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kyushu  |  Tags: , , ,

Takinoya Noboribetsu

Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful stay in Takinoya, located in Hokkaido’s most famous hot spring resort – Noboribetsu. Soak yourself in a private hot spring bath, or pamper yourself in the glorious open-air bath surrounded by the nearby forest. Afterwards, indulge in a traditional home-made Japanese meal in your room, made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Hokkaido  |  Tags: , ,

Takitei Ryokan

A traditional ryokan located upstream of the Saigawa River in central Kanazawa, Takitei is surrounded by the crystal clear river and rich natural environment, allowing guests to escape their daily lives and enjoy a truly relaxing time. The ryokan is located only 15 minutes from Kenrokuen Gardens, making it an ideal place to stay in…

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A Kyoto institution, this historic ryokan, established in the 1700s, has been run by the same family for 11 generations. The building is not large, and neither are the rooms, but despite this – and the rather uninspiring exterior appearance – each room is a work of art in itself, and a stay here is…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kyoto  |  Tags: , ,

Tenku no Mori

Literally translated as “the forest in the sky,” Tenku No Mori is a luxury hotel and spa which offers stunning panoramic views of the mountains, lush forests and active volcanoes of northern Kagoshima. Dedicated to relaxation, well-being and ecological sustainability, you can expect to be hosted in a clean, spacious and tranquil environment where your…

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Wanosato Ryokan

This luxurious ryokan has only eight Japanese-style rooms, which makes for a pleasant, intimate atmosphere that some larger properties lack. The thatched roofs of the former farmhouses and large gardens help to create a peaceful ambiance for guests, echoing the architectural style of the nearby Shirakawa-go folk village. All of the rooms have private toilets…

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Yama No Chaya

Yama-no-chaya is a refined, luxurious ryokan which enjoys beautiful natural surroundings. The traditional wooden buildings are hidden in a leafy grove right by the Tonosawa hot spring. The ryokan has 5 large communal hot spring baths, each in exquisite settings, indoors and outdoors. Many rooms enjoy a view of the surrounding mountains and forest. The…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , , , ,

Yoshikawa Ryokan

Located in the heart of Kyoto, Ryokan Yoshikawa is proud to welcome its guests in the most authentically Japanese style. Its squeaky floors and narrow corridors and most of all the traditional tatami mat rooms with views directly into its delightful quiet garden, are part of Yoshikawa’s heritage since the ryokan was built more than…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kyoto  |  Tags: , ,

Yoshinoya Ryokan Kyoto

Located in the heart of Kyoto, Yoshinoya is a ryokan specialising in Kyoto cuisine. Both as a restaurant and ryokan, Yoshinoya has been introduced in the Michelin Guide for several years. The “yuba” (bean curd) is the specialty and delicacy of Kyoto, which of course is the specialty of Yoshinoya for you to enjoy! The…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kyoto  |  Tags: , , ,

Yudanaka Yorozuya

A 5 star Onsen Ryokan-Hotel, the Yorozuya has long been one of the leading hotels in northern Nagano. Wonderful service will give you treasured memories for years to come. Some of the inn’s buildings are registered as cultural treasures by the government and meals specialise in using seasonal local ingredients.

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Central Honshu  |  Tags: , , ,

Yufuin Kamenoi Bessou

Located in the heart of Yufuin hot spring district, the idyllic Kamenoi Bessou offers some unique services not available from the other ryokan in the area. Guests can choose from either the cottage style ‘hanare’ scattered around the grounds, or the western rooms in the main building. In the forest-like garden (perfect for a stroll…

Type: Luxury ryokan  |  Category: Kyushu  |  Tags: , , , ,

Yufuin Tamanoyu

As one of the founding ryokans of Yufuin, Tama no Yu offers a great sense of history along with the view of Yufudake mountain from the garden. This well-maintained garden has a bar, tea house and souvenir shop with the homemade and local jams and other delicacy available. The detached cottage-type rooms are also scattered…

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zaborin, niseko


Zaborin is a secluded luxury ryokan in the Hanazono woods in Hokkaido, part of the area spanning the resorts of Niseko. Inspired by Zen, the name Zaborin merges the traditional Japanese characters, ‘zabo’ (坐 忘) meaning “to sit, to forget” and the character ‘rin’ (林) representing a small forest or wood. Subtle, contemporary architecture and…

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