Tokyo Restaurant Recommendations

Tokyo is without a doubt one of the world’s culinary capitals and currently boasts an incredible 226 Michelin starred eateries, with 13 of those having earned the coveted 3 stars.

It’s not all sushi of course and the choices for dining out are truly endless; there are estimated to be in excess of 200,000 restaurants to choose from in the city and – although we haven’t tried all of them yet – we’re pretty sure you’ll have a great meal wherever you go! One of the joys of eating out in Japan is trying out new places to eat and because the quality is so high, you’ll rarely be disappointed when trying somewhere new.

Some of the top restaurants – like similar restaurants around the world – are booked out months in advance and getting reservations can be tough. We’re always happy to help our clients with restaurant reservations so if there’s a particular place you want to dine, let us know early and we’ll do all we can to make it happen. Having said that, in general we do not recommend booking restaurants for more than half of your evenings at most as it is best to keep some flexibility to change your evening plans in case you feel like something different or simply wish to rest in your hotel instead.

To get you started with some ideas and whet your appetites, here are a few of our favourite Tokyo restaurants.


Probably the most famous sushi restaurant in the world, Sukiyabashi Jiro is run by sushi master Jiro Ono.
Michelin ☆☆☆

Sukiyabashi Jiro


Among the cheapest of Tokyo’s Michelin starred sushi-ya yet with a reputation for serving some of the best sushi in Japan.
Michelin ☆☆☆

Sushi Saito


Elegant, minimalist restaurant serving delicate, nature-focused dishes.
Michelin ☆☆



One of Japan’s most admired chefs couples imagination with a deep respect for tradition and Japanese culinary heritage.
Michelin ☆☆☆



Humble and luxury ingredients meshing with traditional and cutting-edge techniques.
Michelin ☆☆☆

Kagurazaka Ishikawa


Reasonably priced Michelin sushi restaurant.
Michelin ☆

Sushi Iwa


Ginza Michelin sushiya run by one of Japan’s best-known sushi chefs.
Michelin ☆☆☆

Sushi Mizutani


Tiny but amazing 7 seater with 2 Michelin stars
Michelin ☆☆☆

Sushi Sawada


Another tiny 7 seat paradise for sushi lovers!
Michelin ☆☆

Sushi Yoshitake


Molecular gastronomy at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
Michelin ☆

Tapas Molecular Bar


Michelin starred teppanyaki
Michelin ☆

Ukai Tei